Monday, February 14, 2011

The Swan.

Did this in a night and some change. Had a lot of fun with it. Happy Valentines Day!


Chris said...

Looks great! Inspired by the movie The Black Swan I'll assume? :P

Happy Valentine's Day to you too man :) Hope you have fun tonight ;)

S. said...

This looks terrific!
Daww if only I had such skills like you

Happy Valentine's Day to you too

Cory said...

I want to see speed paint updates everyday! :P

Kareaux said...

Awesome painting!
Even though the movie wasn't as great as I expected, it was visually stunning. (especially the last scene and the black swan)

Danielle Pioli said...

Wow!!! Amazing!!!

Mitch said...

This is amazing, I wish I could get this as a poster!